How to Survive The First Week of Quitting Cigarettes

For most people, the first week without nicotine can be short of hell. It is the most difficult and challenging time in a person’s life. Don’t worry about a thing. The feeling that you have are totally normal. It is natural to feel irritable and anxious. It is all part of the game that you have to play for the sake of your health. This ball game is for all the marbles in the world.

The feeling especially in the first few week can be overwhelming. It is often that smokers are impatient, irritable and can fall into depression. The key here is understanding why you are feeling this way. The important thing that you should know that every weird feeling or cravings that you will have are all temporary. These will all come to pass. If you constantly think about the reasons why you have to quit you will understand the situation. You will understand why you have to sacrifice. You will understand why you have to put up with this.

It is important that you are able to understand that quitting symptoms may vary. Not all will have a rough time. It has something to do with your involvement with nicotine. The more involved you have been could take a toll on the symptoms that you will experience. The amount of nicotine that you have exposed will be a factor. It will be harder for hardened smokers to quit than those who have been smoking light or have been smoking for a short period of time.

It is important that you never allow yourself to smoke only one. That is an excuse that you will only use to get one more. And another. And another. Before you know it, you’re already falling into a relapse. Never allow the thought that you are willing to die just to have a cigarette. You have plenty of reasons to live. Don’t waste it on something that will eventually kill you. Think about the money you have been spending on cigarettes. Is it worth to spend serious money on something that kills you eventually?

One of the techniques that quitters use to help them survive the first week is to drink plenty of water. Water helps to purify the body. It helps remove the toxins and residues of nicotine that can remind you of smoking. The truth is that there is a chance that you are just dehydrated and mistake it for nicotine cravings. Try to drink water first if the urge is present. Wait for a moment to see if you really want to smoke. Try another glass of water and wait again if you are indeed craving for nicotine. Do this until the cravings are gone. Delaying the cravings can be a great way to stay away from smoking again.

It is also helpful for people trying to quit to change the habits. Try to sleep earlier or to go to the gym for a change. Any change in the habit will give you less cues to smoke. Some people have this trigger cues that remind them of smoking. There are cues that cannot be avoided such as smoking after dinner. But, if there are triggers that you can modify, then do it. It will be a great help.

Experts know that smoking is hard to quit. If only it is easy, then there would be no smoker that is trying to quit for better health. It is hard but not impossible. You can do it with the help of your friends and family.