Vape Makers Vow To Fight New Regulations

The nascent electronic cigarette industry is trying to fight back amid restrictions. Just this month, the European Parliament restricted the sale of electronic cigarettes that are more potent than 20mg of nicotine. This signals the end, at least on paper, on the sale of extra-strength vapes. This has send shockwaves all across Europe and this could set the tone especially in America where vapes remain largely unregulated.

A London-based think-tank said that the move of the MEPs can lead to at least 105,000 smokers dying. About 25 percent of vapers are using the extra-strength variety of vapes. They are using the extra-strength as a gateway towards lower doses of nicotine after switching from tobacco. The think-tank said that smokers would be more reluctant to switch now that extra-strength vapes are no longer allowed, at least in parts of Europe.

These new converts often would like to get the same amount of nicotine satisfaction that they accustomed to with tobacco cigarettes. With the Tobacco Products Directive, these smokers would fall back into tobacco because the alternative does no longer be able to give that the satisfaction they are looking for.

London Economics thinks that with vape users reverting back to tobacco, it opens a window where chemicals in tobacco can impact the health. Overwhelming data show that electronic cigarettes are way safer than tobacco. It is a safer but not safe alternative to smoking with some of the chemicals already removed, which causes a range of diseases from cancer, heart problems, diabetes and even erectile dysfunction.

Top addiction scientists are divided on this move by the MEPs. Some hail the move, while a vast majority lament the moves of the politicians. And the vaping industry is not taking the latest moves sitting down.

As it stands, vapes that are less than 20mg can easily bought by adults off the shelves. Extra-strength varieties are now considered as medical devices and this is causing problems especially for smokers that are trying to get over the addiction and away from smoking tobacco.

Each year, about six million people die from smoking according to the World Health Organization. In America alone, 400,000 people die from diseases that are rooted in smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer in America. Smokers also die from breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, oral cancers and other cancers. Smoking causes a global pandemic and the moves to curb smoking has been slow. Despite the obvious risks involved in smoking most people remain with the addiction. The US Government wants to bring down the smoking rate in the United States to 12 percent by the end of this decade. But, all indications the current 18 percent will not change. About 3,000 new smokers are added to the list each day, according to statistics from the US Surgeon General.

The industry-based group Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association made it known that the group will fight the regulations for the sake of the smokers. The industry said that the measure will not be challenged until it becomes fully enforceable. But, the industry knows that if it proves to be unworkable, it will challenge the measure to no end.

The move of the MEPs is clearly missing the point of having electronic cigarettes. The industry is saying that any move that would restrict advertising and sale of extra-strength vapes are counterproductive and could lead to more people dying. The real goal of electronic cigarettes is harm reduction. Smoking cessation is just a byproduct. The use of vapes can put into place a revolution in public health where more people would be spending less on the treatment of smoking-related illnesses.

This could augur well for governments. The US Government through the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that $90 billion is wasted for treating preventable diseases and also for lost productivity and absenteeism. The level of growth of electronic cigarettes have been phenomenal not because of marketing and scheming advertising. It just plainly works.

Banning a helpful product such as vapes can mean more deaths. It is sad that there is already a technology available to help smokers. But, there are people that refuse to see the bigger picture. They are just looking at things with a myopia.