Let’s face it. Electronic cigarettes have become one of the most intriguing yet ubiquitous devices of the new generation. It poses both interest and intrigue. It attracts interest and scorn. It is loved and also hated. The sad part is that the critics have been working overtime to discredit the industry only seeking to push tobacco towards extinction. There have been lies being spread to make electronic cigarettes appear worse than they are seeking to replace. The madness has to stop. Here are the top myths that are being sowed and to set the record straight.

Electronic cigarettes can be bought by children
We have seen a lot of news lately about politicians crafting laws to prevent people under 21 years old to buy electronic cigarettes. The industry is applauding the member of parliaments and local legislature for such as noble act. But, in reality those moves are a bit overkill. You see most often electronic cigarettes are bought off the Internet. Unless you are able to steal your parents’ credit cards or able to hide the credit card statement after it would be unlikely you can be able to buy vapes. And the chance for minors able to buy vapes at the gas station or in a convenience store is the same as the chance of them buying tobacco. If you are really into nicotine, you would probably go for tobacco if the chance to get it arises.

Electronic cigarettes are attracting children
It is an accepted fact that most people think that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous than tobacco. That being said, it would be less likely for teenagers and adolescents to take up nicotine addiction by way of electronic cigarettes. First, the dosage is lower than tobacco. Two, the so-called danger factor makes tobacco “cooler” than electronic cigarettes. And three most children are price sensitive. While electronic cigarettes provides better savings in the long run, buying a starter kit is pretty expensive up front. A starter kit costs around $20 to $50. It would be easier and cheaper for them to score a pack of cigarettes for just $7 or $10.

Electronic cigarettes are marketing to children
This idea came about because of the flavors that electronic cigarettes feature. The sweet flavors came about because people hate the smell of tobacco. We have to understand that the original intent of electronic cigarettes is to give smokers the opportunity to smoke everywhere. Vapes allow vapers to get their nicotine virtually anywhere. And since there are nonsmokers around that may be conscious about smoking, the sweet smell is an assurance to other people that there is no one smoking only vaping. That is why it would be preposterous to think that electronic cigarettes are marketing to children.

Electronic cigarettes do not help smokers quit
The release of a new study about electronic cigarettes has been causing plenty of humor among vapers and vape makers alike. A study from the University of California in San Francisco said that a thousand vapers proved that electronic cigarettes do not help in smoking cessation. So what? Electronic cigarettes are never meant to solve the problem of nicotine addiction. In fact, electronic cigarette have nicotine. The real reason why people vape is to get a better deal in their nicotine addiction. The devices are meant to shield smokers from the harm provided by tobacco. If some smokers believe and claim that electronic cigarettes have helped them quit smoking, then that’s a bonus.

Electronic cigarettes contain poison
In 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration tried to see if the liquid in electronic cigarettes are filled poison. And they saw what they wanted to see. What is not bared to the public is the fact when the test were re-run the offending diethylene glycol is no longer found. This led some sectors to quip that the FDA test was flawed or had a glitch.

Electronic cigarettes can cause cancer
This idea developed after the FDA, yes that agency again, saw that there were trace amounts of known carcinogens in some of the samples of electronic cigarettes the agency tested. The operative word is trace. It means that the amount of chemical is enough to be detected but too few to cause any problems to the body. It has something to do with nitrosamines. Electronic cigarettes have about 8.18 nanograms of nitrosamines compared to a leading conventional cigarette brand that has a whopping 11,190 nanograms of nitrosamines. This means that electronic cigarettes are a thousand times safer and a thousand times less likely to cause cancer.

This article is not meant to draw people into vaping. It is not meant to glorify smoking or nicotine addiction. It is an attempt to set the records straight. Media has been biased against electronic cigarettes and hopefully this piece can help turn the tables around. But if you have decided to replace smoking with vaping and electornic cigarettes, Norm Jackons has written some honest reviews about some products suitable for beginners and advanced users.