FDA Working to Develop Standards for ECigs

News are out about the Food and Drug Administration now formulating standards that will govern the quality and safety of electronic cigarettes. This move comes at the heels of the pronouncements of the agency back in the last week of April to take in the devices under their aegis. The move is to ensure that safety and the welfare of public health are assured. The standards are crafted to withstand potential legal hurdles that are expected to be flying out of the window once these standards will be outed. And the movements are expected at either side of the argument.

FDA chief for the Center of Tobacco Products Mitchell Zeller said the administration is exploring the current product standards especially in the areas of addiction, toxicity and product appeal. The FDA is preparing to put down its feet in an effort to regulate the products and the industry that has been attracting a lot of attention of late.

Nobody paid attention on the slow rise to popularity of vapes. Vapes were virtually unknown when they came to American shores in 2007. Now, there are about a million and a half vapers. There is an estimated four million vapers around the world, half of that number is found in the United Kingdom. This is based on the survey conducted by UK-based charity Action on Smoking and Health.

The FDA is putting the vapes under its control by virtue of its mandate to control tobacco products. The FDA considers electronic cigarettes as tobacco products despite the absence of tobacco. The nicotine in the liquid that is being used by vapers to produce vapors are known to be derived from nicotine. As such, this is used to justify the regulation and jurisdiction of the FDA.

The standards are aimed to become the cornerstone of the regulations being imposed by the FDA over the course of the next five years. The outline of the regulations will be the most comprehensive move of the agency on electronic cigarettes to date.

The FDA seeks to put regulations by approving the new products and be able to monitor the manufacturing and quality standards. The whole process will ensure that the products that reach the market would be aligned to the concerns of public health and safety, a report said from the Reuters news agency.

The agency is also seeking to put in mechanisms for enforcement and compliance and educating each state on the nicotine policy of the FDA. This means that there would be guidelines that would identify some products would be riskier that other products in the market.

The American Legacy Foundation, a Washington-based anti-tobacco group, said it is not the nicotine that kills the smoker, it is the delivery system. Tobacco is known to be a killer because not only it has nicotine but 7000 other chemicals that can cause a wide range of diseases that has killed more than a million people worldwide each year. In America, about 400,000 people are getting killed from smoking with over $90 billion in health care costs and lost productivity each year, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The American Legacy Foundation said they need to realize the realities and know how they pan out on the regulatory stance on electronic cigarettes by the FDA, the report from the Reuters said.

The FDA has released the outline of their regulation on electronic cigarettes including the regulation of the manufacture and sale of the products. Included in the regulation is the placement of warning labels. The FDA was silent on the regulation of the marketing, advertising and online sales of the product. The FDA is not going to stop the vape manufacturers to use flavorings on the e-liquids, which has been a target of disdain by some health advocates as a move that has been attracting young people to vape and become nicotine addicts.

The FDA is concerned about how the electronic cigarettes are being marketed to kids. People under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase vapes. The problem is that there is no solid proof that vapes are attracting young people to become addicted to nicotine.